Review ~ Man of Her Dreams

Man of Her Dreams, one of my three contemporary novels, received a lovely review I had to share.

REVIEW: I love contemporary books, and there's something about small town romance that really attracts me to them. This book was one such story. I liked it right from the beginning!

Jared Kane really was the perfect man - he owned a Ducati (sexy!), he had a fit body (waggles eyebrows), and he was a normal guy. I wouldn't know how to explain the last one, but he was a great guy. I'd totally want a guy like him in my life (please).

"Oh for Pete's sake." Lindsay stomped over to Jared, grabbed the towel out of her bag and sat beside him, glaring at everyone around the circle. "Grow a pair. You'd think I was a child."
"Tough crowd." He bumped her shoulder and said in a low voice, "You like my kisses."

"That's all you got out of this?"

"Well, yeah. That one kind of stood out."

Lindsay was the kind of woman I would admire. She was strong, independent, but also a relatable woman. She was a puddle of nerves around Jared, which was just so adorable. 

Besides the chemistry between Jared and Lindsay, I loved the supporting characters. Lindsay's friendship with Tina was something I wish I had as well, and Lindsay's relationship with her family was something I envied. Anyway, they were all amazing. Lindsay's other brother was funny because he liked to eat...A LOT!

"Get your mind out of the gutter, geez. Ever since you became pregnant, you've become a walking, talking hormone."

One thing that I did like about this story was the purity ring. I wouldn't go into detail, but that was quite the twist and I did enjoy that. 

There was so many aspect of this book that I enjoyed, but if I reveal any more, then you wouldn't want to read the book. So, just take my word for it and trust me that this book was such a joy to read. I honestly just wanted to read it and forget about everything else.

"Oh sugar. The ball has some heat."  

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