Here we are again at the end of another week. I don't know about you but I feel absolutely soggy. If we don't have torrential rain pouring down, the humidity in the air makes you think you have a wet blanket wrapped around your body. However, the plants and grass love it, and I don't have to water them, so win/win for me.

The Honorable Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam cannot see Miss Bennet or the annoying Mr. Camden over a HUGE epergne which squats in the center of the dining table, but he sure can hear them.
When Mr. Camden laughed again, Richard growled. Lady Northcott, seated to his right, asked if he were feeling well.
"Yes, Lady Northcott, just clearing my throat," he muttered and cleared his throat again in an attempt to assure her of his truthfulness.
He knew why Mrs. Bennet had seated Mary next to the guffawing baboon. No doubt she'd noticed Mr. Camden's ostentatious flirting within seconds of their meeting.
Laughter once again rang like church bells from that side of the table and he had the sudden urge to leap across the table and rearrange Mr. Camden's perfect face into something more abstract. If it weren't for that damnable centerpiece, he at least could tell if Mary were falling for the soon to be toothless idiot.
"What do you think they are talking about?" Miss Talbot, seated to his left asked after the last round of mirth subsided.
"Broken teeth," Richard muttered.
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I am back! The last time I posted to Weekend Writing Warriors was in March of this year. Please forgive me for being so tardy, but... real life intrudes.

During my 'hiatus' I published CATHERINE. Thank you to all of you who commented on the posts that featured Kitty and Lord George. I had a wonderful time promoting her and stacked up some lovely reviews.

This story, MARY, is one I dabble with when taking a break from GEORGIANA, Book Three of my Pride & Prejudice continued... series. MARY focuses on Miss Mary Bennet of Longbourn and Mr. Darcy's cousin, The Honorable Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.

Considerable license taken with punctuation and sentence structure to meet the 10 line requirement of this fun writing exercise.
Mary was seated directly across the table from him, not that he could see her past the elaborate epergne that graced the center of the table. But he could hear laughter. Copious amounts of laughter and all of it from the men seated around her. The loudest came from the young gentleman he’d been introduced to only an hour ago - Mr. Timothy Camden. Heir presumptive to the Camden baronetcy. Richard loathed him on sight.
The man was so beautiful, there was no other word for it, he may as well have been painted by Michelangelo - it was unnatural. But the coup de grace happened when upon being introduced to Miss Bennet, he took her hand in his and kissed it, proclaiming her beauty should be put to paint.
He'd like to put something to paint, and it wouldn't be the lovely face of Miss Bennet. 

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Emma & Mr. Knightley

Watched and fall in love with Mr. Knightley all over again.

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Below are the three winners selected through Rafflecopter by the lovely Claudine Pepe of JustJane1813. I'm in the middle of re-formatting Catherine, but as soon as that's complete - copies are OFF to the winners.

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