Today on Twitter's #1LineWed I shared a little bit from my paranormal/time travel romance ~ Craven Desires. I thought I'd expand the selection and give you a taste of the novel's villain, Ma'alcom.

Ma'alcom spat out a curse, turned from the fire and faced the messenger, who recoiled. For the first time he believed the whispered stories about the strange one, who dabbled in the dark arts, twisting his Druid teachings into an evil force.
He took a step toward the him, and the messenger instinctively backed up. As Ma'alcom's eyes darkened, the boy noticed tattoos appear, almost as though a mask were slipping off his face. Behind his eyes, something dark slithered and disappeared. A voice so deep it couldn't be natural rumbled from the druid standing before him.
"Enough. When will the marriage take place?"
The power within Ma'alcom caused the boy to fall to his knees and he choked out the words.
"Laird Craven is at Inverness now. T'would seem her da is most anxious to have her wed, and wed quickly. No one knows why--"
Ma'alcom raised his hand and the messenger stopped talking. The fire hissed and crackled. After what seemed like an eternity, Ma'alcom spoke, his voice normal once again. Relief flooded through the boy and he took a deep, shaky breath. After tonight, he ne'er set foot in this house again.
"Did anyone see ye leave the keep?"
"Nay. I was most careful, as ye instructed. No one saw me leave."
Ma'alcom moved behind the messenger, murmuring beneath his breath. A chilling numbness crept through the boy's body, binding his limbs in place, squeezing the air from his lungs. The last thing he felt was the blade of a knife slice between his ribs and through his heart.
I've never written a villain before. I'm usually your fluffy bunnies and white clouds kind of girl, but for an epic such as my Desire Series, you need a good villain. Hope you liked.

Desire Series will be coming out in 2016. Look for it then.


I thought I'd take a break from Man of Her Dreams and bring you a snippet from my novella, coming out this Christmas - Fiancé for Hire

Never tell a bold faced lie - unless you can follow through with flawless precision....

Kristen Wainwright was dumped in the most humiliating way possible and to add insult to injury, her ex-boyfriend has taken up with the office mean queen. Unable to tolerate the snide comments and subtle insults Kristen, in a moment of weakness, tells Janine that 'yes, she's coming to the Christmas gala' and 'yes, she's bringing someone - her new fiancé'.

Now all she has to do is find one. How hard can that be?

Here is my excerpt: *Author Note* Stanley is Kristen's one-eyed cat.

"And where did you meet this Stanley?" Carter asked, his eyes narrowing.
I crossed my fingers behind my back and said carefully, "I met him a few years ago and we...ummmm...sort of hit it off, so he moved in with me.
"I presume he meets all points of your 'perfect man' checklist?"
"Nooo....not really, he doesn't have blue eyes, in fact his one eye is green."
"One eye?"
"Yes," I sighed. "He lost the other one in a fight."
"Does he fight often, your Stanley?"
"Not so much anymore, he mostly lays about, waiting to be fed."

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At the risk of sounding EXTREMELY repetitious... I'm posting again from my current WIP ~ Man of Her Dreams. Jared and Lindsay have gone on a picnic near a small lake. Jared, a New York native becomes concerned when he hears rustling in the bushes - his mind immediately thinking it could be a bear, etc. When a rabbit hops out, Lindsay teases him about being 'afwaid of a wittle wabbit'. What follows is a bit of payback.... Use your imagination to finish the scene.

He stood in front of her and bending low, placed the palm of his hands on his thighs. This brought him eye level with her and he could see his reflection in her mirrored sunglasses. He looked big, menacing and a whole lot pissy.
"My first thought was to run because I don't have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you." At her outraged gasp he continued, "I run every day, so that would be too easy."
"What was your second thought? She removed her hands from around her knees and lowered them onto the log.
"My second thought--" In a lightning fast move, he scooped her off the log and began to move toward a natural rock shelf diving board over the lake. "--was to jump in the water."

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Once again I'm sharing from my WIP ~ Man of Her Dreams (Book One ~ Welcome to Ravenwood Series). Thought I'd share a first kiss scene.  Hope you like.

He invaded her space, closed the distance between than and lifting his hand, took her chin in his fingers. "Trouble", was the only word she heard before his mouth claimed hers. The kiss rocketed through her body all the way down to her toes.
She curled her fingers into his shirt, intending to push him away, but somehow they spread open and moved up toward his shoulders. He pulled her close and changed the angle of his mouth, deepening the kiss. His fingers tangled themselves in her hair and she heard a faint moan.
When had she ever moaned while being kissed?
Never, but then she'd never been kissed like this before. Slowly he pulled back and touched his forehead to hers while they both caught their breath.
"I've wanted to do that for days," he said, his voice as gravelly as a dirt road.
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