Friday With Friends #5

I think I've adored Julie since we first met. How could I not? We bonded over winky napkins at a reader/author convention in Cincinnati. She, on the other hand, is leery of me because apparently I am the only person who liked the 'Book That Shall Not Be Named'. What can I say? The book trailer was to die for.

I've followed her career with interest. Cheered her successes. Begged her to come visit me on my blog and she finally gave in... I mean, she graciously accepted.

I give to you, Julie Anne Lindsey.

If You Don’t Like Romance in Your Mysteries, My Books Aren’t for You.
There. I said it. I can’t help myself. I think romance has a place in cozy mystery. Most cozies have a romantic thread somewhere, but it’s often understated and nearly invisible. Some reviewers, I’ve noticed, don’t like romance soiling their mysteries. So, I should probably give everyone a heads-up. I like romance in cozies. Mostly, I like real, and romance is real. Why not add it generously to cozies? I mean, romance is something every reader can relate to. It’s one of the amazing and torturous perils of being single. If writers are hoping to find common ground with readers while writing about what they know, adding romance seems like a great way to reach two goals. Right? Plus, if I’m being honest, I love it. I love reading those toe curling will she / won’t she scenes and I adore writing them. So, I do.
Don’t worry, I don’t write sexy things (if you’re opposed to those sorts of books). No. My stories are definitely rated G, and they’re mysteries first, but there’s always chemistry. I write new friendships into each series and make sure readers feel the potential for more. I hope readers long to see where those friendships will lead as much as my heroines do. Maybe it’s me, but I think that’s how life works. I mean, we’re only human.
Here’s another argument for including romance in cozies: Incredible heroines. A smart loveable heroine is the heart of every cozy mystery. You know what else? She’s always SINGLE. Please tell me where in the world a smart, loveable, single woman goes unnoticed for long? Nowhere. As long as there are men on Earth, there will be romantic interests, pitfalls and obstacle courses. It’s fact. Romance is one of the most frustrating and wonderful things about human nature. How could I leave that out?
Answer: I can’t. I won’t. I don’t.
My new series, Geek Girl Mysteries, are no different. My stories revolve around a fantastic young woman, Mia, and feature all the sticky situations every single woman faces, from unreturned feelings to new crushes and the overwhelming need to scream on occasion. Mia handles the emotional trials with heartwarming, and hopefully humorous, doses of awkward, and she does it while solving a murder.
If you’re in the mood to get your geek on, I hope you’ll check out A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder. Either way, I’d love to hear about one of your most geeky moments. We all have a few. Who wants to share? Anyone?

A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder, The Geek Girl Mysteries, book 1

IT manager Mia Connors is up to her tortoiseshell glasses in technical drama when a glitch in the Horseshoe Falls email system disrupts security and sends errant messages to residents of the gated community. The snafu's timing couldn't be worse—Renaissance Faire season is in full swing and Mia's family's business relies on her presence.
Mia doesn't have time to hunt down a computer hacker. Her best friend has disappeared, and she finds another of her friends murdered—in her office. When the hunky new head of Horseshoe Falls security identifies Mia as the prime suspect, her anxiety level registers on the Richter scale.
Eager to clear her name, Mia moves into action to locate her missing buddy and find out who killed their friend. But her quick tongue gets her into trouble with more than the new head of security. When Mia begins receiving threats, the killer makes it clear that he's closer than she'd ever imagined.
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About Julie:

Julie Anne Lindsey is a multi-genre author who writes the stories that keep her up at night. She’s a self-proclaimed nerd with a penchant for words and proclivity for fun. Julie lives in rural Ohio with her husband and three small children. Today, she hopes to make someone smile. One day she plans to change the world.
Julie also writes The Patience Price Mysteries series.
Learn About Julie at:

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It's been so long since I've done a snippet, I almost forgot how.
Today I'm sharing from Gretchen's Song, Book Two ~ Welcome to Ravenwood.

She fell in love with Rafe Crawford at the age of thirteen.
Blocked from entering the school by a group of boys who demanded a kiss as payment to enter, she’d clutched her books and stood there mute. When Joey Campbell grabbed her arm, she squeezed her eyes shut, opening them to the sound of shouts and skin meeting skin.
The first thing she saw was Rafe standing over Joey, his knuckles reddening. She didn’t know if the color was from a punch, or from the copious amounts of blood spurting from Joey’s nose. Already topping out over six feet, the eighteen year old looked like an avenging angel as he glowered down at Joey.
“Stay away from Gretchen,” he snarled. “Touch her again, and I won’t stop at your face.”
From that moment on, her tender heart was his – and he never knew. The very next week, following his graduation, he joined the army with her eldest brother, Morgan and was shipped off to Afghanistan.

Friday with Friends #4

I've known Maggie Wells, or rather Margaret Ethridge since 2009 when I was learning the art of writing. I'm still learning. Margaret and I were members of an on-line critique group and we just kinda 'clicked'. She's such a talented writer and I lurv her. Through her I was introduced to Turquoise Morning Press where I sold my first book.

Maggie Wells, Margaret's naughty persona, writes stories that need a warning label attached. Hot and Sexy with ADULT content. So, if you're interested in checking out her latest books ~ you've been forewarned.


About the Book
Nothing draws a magnate like a steel magnolia…

Harley Cade is back in town—and the former bad boy is downright irresistible now that he’s donned a hard hat and set to work restoring the South's finest homes to their former grandeur. While wealth may have gained Harley entry into high society, it’s going to take a lot more than a fat bank account to win the lovely Laney Tarrington.

Laney isn't open to giving the self-made magnate a second chance—no matter how much she needs him. With her family fortune gone, Laney finally has to stand on her own two feet. The last person she’d ever lean on is Harley, the man who left her behind with nothing more than memories of the passion they once shared….

With the attraction still burning hot between them, Harley isn’t above seduction—or secretly buying Laney’s bankrupted family’s estate. After all, he no longer has to prove himself to anyone, least of all the daughter of Mobile, Alabama’s most prestigious family. But will pride keep Harley from gaining the biggest prize of all—a place in Laney’s heart?


So... You're Retired

My husband is slowly going crazy. I retired last June for various reasons. Health issues and care for our grandchildren getting top billing. That said, he's extremely jealous that I am now retired and he has to still work for another five years. (Maybe two and a half if our mortgage is paid off - which is our goal)

He makes loads of comments about how I'm 'not working', so I decided to follow myself today. Give you a bird's eye view of how I fill my time now that I'm not working 9-5

  • 0800 - wake up with a nice leisurely stretch. Still can't believe I can sleep past 0630
  • 0830 - head downstairs and make coffee. Feed the cats (3 - don't ask) their soft kitty food and make sure they get their treats. Head downstairs to clean kitty litter, vacuum up the debris around their litter boxes, and fill the empty bowls with new hard cat food.
  • 0850 - empty the dishwasher. Do some light housework (dusting, straightening, water plants)
  • 0900 - log onto my computer. Check e-mails, social media and pay bills on-line.
  • 1000 - start writing. Am working on Book Two of my Welcome to Ravenwood Series
  • 1200 - call Honda and make appointments for the car.
  • 1210 - shopping for groceries and fill the car with gas.
  • 1240 - arrive home and unload groceries.
  • 1300 - Prepare and bake a cake.
  • 1330 - I have an hour while the cake bakes and attempt to get back into the writing mood.
  • 1430 - Remove the cake from oven and place on cooling rack.
  • 1445 - head to school and wait for grandkids to be released for the day
  • 1550 - everybody is loaded in the CRV and we start back home.
  • 1550 - arrive home, provide grandkids with a nutritious snack.
  • 1600 - Start preparing supper. Must have the grandkids fed and homework done by 1730 when their mother comes to pick them up
  • 1730 - Grandkids are gone for the day. Tidy up, wash/dry dishes that don't go into the dishwasher. Feed the cats, again, check their kitty litter, again.
  • 1800 - Cake has cooled sufficiently to be iced.
  • 1830 - Hubby arrives home from latest trip. We chat about what happened during the four days he was away while I make his supper.
  • 2000 - Survivor is on - need I say more
  • 2100 - check my e-mails again and sneak a peek at Facebook
  • 2130 - Where does the time go? Turn on the dishwasher, grab my Bible and do my devotions.
  • 2200 - Off to bed. Brush my teeth. Wash my face. Lights out.

Whew! I'm so glad I'm not working.....

And the Winners Are...

This has been a fabulous month of FREE!

The winner from my visit to Karen Docter's blog is:

Kathleen Bylsma (AK)

And the two winners from my Goodreads giveaway were:

Nadine Keels (WA)
Cynthia Schwarzer (FL)

Print copies of Man of Her Dreams is on the way to you. Thank you for participating. It's readers like you that make this writing thing fun.  Much love.