I'm back! After a lengthy hiatus, partially due to taking a lovely two week vacation, we also had several unexpected losses in our family and as such, I haven't been writing all that much. Time heals all wounds, so here I am, ready to dig in and 'get her done'.

I left off with Kitty and Mary sharing a special moment. Here's a brief recap: "I'm so glad we have this moment of peace together." Impulsively she reached out and grabbed Mary's hand. "At times I feel we are strangers living under the same roof."

And now... the continuation of CATHERINE: Pride & Prejudice continued... Book Two
Creative punctuation used to comply with the ten line rule.

Clearly surprised, Mary withdrew her hand and sipped her tea and Kitty worried she'd offended her elder sister. About to apologize, she stopped when Mary spoke with a soft voice.
"I too am glad for this moment of respite as we don't get very many of them, what with Mama and all her nervous flutterings."
"Mary, I think that's the most uncharitable thing you've ever uttered," she teased with a small laugh.
Mary's smile faltered and Kitty grabbed her hand again. "I'm not censuring you, I agree with you, our parents are intractable."
Both girls giggled, the warmest sounds of sisterly affection the walls of Longbourn had heard in a great while. In time their laughter ceased although the good will lingered.

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