Welcome everyone. We had a rough week in the Barr household. Four out of the five of us came down with the flu - HARD. In over three days I lost twelve pounds. Now I truly know where they came up with the saying, 'weak as new born kitten'. I have't been this sick since 1985. I wanted to shed a few pounds before my big class reunion next month, but NOT like this. Anyway, we are all on the mend and can get on with living a joyous life.

This week I'm going to jump ahead a bit. I love Phillip and George, but I want to get into some meatier scenes. In this scene, Kitty has finally become more mobile and is resting in the front parlor. Her mother's sister has come to visit, and gossip. Have tea, and gossip. Eat some cake, and gossip... you get the picture. I hope you enjoy.
Mama and Aunt Philips had spoken of nothing else but Lord George from the minute Aunt walked through the door. How much more could they expound upon his features, his clothing, his manners? 
“Oh sister, he had such an air about him, such a gentleman and he must have a vast fortune. He thought nothing of losing ten pounds - ten pounds - can you imagine?”
“No, indeed I could not.”
“And that’s not all, he made sure our Kitty was looked after and even gave us some of his own laudanum so she would rest easy.”
“Truly a gentleman, we don’t have many of them here, in Meryton.”
“No, we do not. Lady Lucas would like us to believe her family’s all high and mighty, but I remember them from before Sir Lucas was knighted.” Mrs. Bennet shook out her skirt in agitation. “She didn’t have Lucas Lodge back then and it’s not nearly as grand as Longbourn.”

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It's that time again where a merry band of writers slap words down on paper, in digital form for most of us, and then share with the world a small bite of their work. Really small bite - as in only 8-10 lines.

We left off with Lord George Kerr, the second son of a Duke, dealing with a young lad about eight years of age. Here's a flashback (of sorts). "Buttons?" Phillip grinned, showing a gap between some of his teeth, which made George think he was only about eight or nine years old. At least that was how old he'd been when all he had to show for a smile was his two front teeth with nothing on either side.

And now, continuing on....
"Yes, my horse's name is Buttons, are we in accord you will look after him?"
"I dunno, I'm supposed to help me mum and there ain't no pay lookin' after yer 'orse."
What a sad state of affairs that a child had to worry about bringing money home for the family.
"What would you say if I paid you a half guinea for a job well done?"
"A half guinea?" Phillip squeaked out, his eyes wide.
"For a job well done," George stressed. "You must do a good job in order to receive the full amount."
He already knew he'd pay the boy even if the job was incomplete, but Phillip didn't need to know that."
"I can help you hunt fer gold."
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Chapter Eight ~ CATHERINE

Chapter Eight of CATHERINE: Pride & Prejudice continued... Book Two is now available on A Happy Assembly. You must be a member to gain access to the forums.

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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. It's lonely in my office with no one to talk to but the cat. I give you, Beau - he is NOT your typical cat, and yes, he sits like that ALL the time. Cracks my sister-in-law up to no end.

Last week I left off with this, At the word 'crime', the boy began to squirm again.
George tightened his grip, trying not to bruise the frail child. "Settle down, Phillip, I'm not turning you over to the magistrate."
The young lad stopped struggling.
"Seeing as you nearly caused irreparable harm to my horse, I believe I shall have you water, feed and care for him while I'm here in Cambridgeshire."
"I cain't feed yer 'orse. Ain't got no money fer that."
"I'll provide everything you require, you're job is to take care of Buttons."
"Buttons?" Phillip grinned, showing a gap between some of his teeth, which made George think he was only about eight or nine years old. At least that was how old he'd been when all he had to show for a smile was his two front teeth with nothing on either side.
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We left off with Lord George and Phillip. What I hadn't shared in my previous post is that George engaged in a bit of subterfuge to entice the lad to follow him. He'd mused, loud enough for Phillip to hear, that he was searching for gold. Of course the boy followed... was caught by George... and, without further ado, I'll let their little side story unfold.

Phillip has just asked, 'Wot you gonna do wif me?'

Fair warning: Extreme creative use of punctuation in order to comply with the 10 line rule.
George paused and thought about his options. By the amount of filth encrusted on the child there was a good chance he didn't have caring parents, or at least parents who could afford to keep their children clean. He seemed slightly malnourished, given how he could feel fragile bones through the threadbare shirt.
No, the punishment had to be fitting, yet fair.
"What's your name?" he asked.
"Phillip." The boy dared to glance up at him.
"That's a good strong name, one you can live up to." He glanced toward Kewick Manor. "I have a task you can do which is fitting for the crime."
At the word 'crime', the boy began to squirm again.
There you have it. What does Lord George have in mind for the little blighter? Stay tuned.
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For fun, I thought I'd share the first kiss between my characters Shelby Stewart-Steele and her estranged husband, Jake Steele (aka Tank) from ACCORDING TO PLAN. Now, what you don't know is that he left her high and dry with nary a word for almost a year. Is she mad at him? Yup. Does she still love him? Yup. Is she mad that she still love him? You betcha.

Shelby has seen that Jake is coming into her place of business and decides to hightail it out the rear of the building. As we find out throughout the book, not everything she does goes ACCORDING TO PLAN.
I blew out the rear door and had gone almost three steps when strong hands grabbed and twirled me around. I kicked and wriggled until he put me down. About to have an adult conversation - oh heck, I was going to yell at him - he bent down and rocked his lips over mine. Anything I might have said, or thought melted with the liquid fire spreading my limbs. I ached to sink into his familiar embrace until my brain finally kicked in gear and I pushed against his chest. I may as well have shoved a brick wall.
"Get off me."
"Is that anyway to say hello to your husband?" With one arm around my waist, he dipped his head and attempted to steal another kiss.
I executed a quick side step taught to me by my dad and twisted out of his arms and his lips met nothing but air. I took a small step back and ignored the rapid tattoo of my heart. Tank had a way of making me forget things, like breathing.
Oh no - do you hate him? Well, before you dig in your heels and get all mad... here's the blurb.

Jake Steele, aka Tank, walked away from his wife Shelby and their business without explanation. One year later, Shelby's hired for the biggest case of her career, locate missing socialite, Harrison Grant. To complicate matters further, Tank lands on her doorstep. He's also on the hunt for Harrison, albeit for a completely different reason. Harry is the prime suspect in the grisly murder of a call girl in L.A.

Agent Jake Steele is deep undercover as a P.I., and sometimes there's collateral damage in his line of work. His marriage to Shelby is one of them. With her life in danger, he had to let her think he left for another woman. When this case is over, Tank means to win back the heart and trust of Shelby, the only woman he's ever loved.

But, there's another person who has their eye on Shelby and will stop at nothing to possess her. From an attempted kidnapping to an explosion with deadly consequences, this is not your average missing person's case.